Meet the Leaders Quest Day 6

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Empire Kred

The Meet the Leaders Quest will run through May 31. Catch up with Day 1 Day 2  Day 3 and
Day 4 and Day 5  Scroll down for easy directions.

mikelandauMichael Landau is well educated and multi-talented fellow from Evanston, IL. He is a poet and had a Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology. Loves to promote the actress on social media. All of the benefits of being a Leader are great for him, and he would highly recommend it. He says ” It’s nice to be part of a group that is committed to making Empire.Kred as good as it can possibly be! It was definitely money well spent”

wkpWilliam Parkyn has been a member since 2011 and lives in Calgary, Alberta (Canada). He has a varied background, and is building and expanding opportuntities for a learning centre for children with dyslexia. He says “I have been very…

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Meet the Leaders Quest Day 5

Hope that’s going good

Empire Kred

The Meet the Leaders Quest will run through May 31. Catch up with Day 1 Day 2  Day 3 and
Day 4  Scroll down for easy directions.

nanceNance Larson is a photographer based in Florida. She is a tireless volunteer for the Leaders Community and the Welcome Wagon. She leads the annual Leader scholarship drive, encourages leaders to donate, and collects applications for the 50/50 Leader Scholarship Fund. She also helps organize events, recruits volunteers, and pitches in as needed. If you want the Ultimate Leader Upgrade and truly can’t afford the full price, she is the person to speak to.

ric townsendRic Townsend created the site to share resources about careers, learning, and organizational development. Down under, his community knows him as a highly committed Rotary leader. He was one of the first Brand Managers/Admins for Leaders and gave a year of his life to helping drive…

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Meet the Leaders Quest Day 3

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Empire Kred

The Meet the Leaders Quest will run through May 31. Catch up with Day 1 and Day 2. Scroll down for easy directions.

MYSAGEADVICESage Bramhall Ouchark is a heart centered woman from Fayetteville, AR. Her education and her work in Education, Leadership, Business and Marketing comes full circle in her Social Media! She is a full time caregiver to a “MS Warrior”, and her variety of posts is amazing. Sage just joined #EmpireKred in April and jumped right in as an active player, and also now as a new Leader! “I’ve had amazing engagement and wonderful leaders to learn from.”


New! Quests now include Mission Achievements. Visit this mission to see the 10 Reasons to Join Empire.Kred Leaders created by (e)Knikkolette. Remember: right now, you get ALL those benefits – worth over $2,000 – PLUS the Triple Leader Jackpot which will add 3x pie, eaves, Even More Desserts, and…

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To Beat ISIS, We Must Think Smaller

I believe him , anyhow that’s the key


Seeds of Hope dot org Image:Seeds of


“People become radicalized when they lack hope, jobs, and purpose. Local investments can break the cycle

Both private and public funding are required to truly address the root causes of violence.

Last month, the United Nations held a large conference in Geneva to discuss its plan to prevent violent extremism; that same day in Washington, D.C., two federal contractors with experience in peacebuilding held a conference on the same subject, at which DHS Secretary Johnson and Sen. Cory Booker delivered remarks. Our own non-profit presented at the latter event; we spoke about how to use data in programs to prevent radicalization among people who may join groups like ISIL. Yet there was an elephant in each of these elegant conference rooms.

For all the lip service given to breaking the cycle of radicalization where it starts—at the local level—the global leaders on the topic have…

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Empire Avenue becomes Empire.Kred

Empirical Leanings


This month marks the six-year anniversary of when two friends (Niall Brown, Mike Mannion) and I started a company called Empire Avenue. In those days we had multiple names for the code base, Project Venice being the most used due to the Merchant of Venice. Very quickly our small threesome filled out with many more wonderful people in no particular order: Craig Miller, Aaron White, Mike Grills, Ric Williams, Brad Grier, Robert Kallir, Niketh Pareek, Todd Derechey, Brent Knowles, Narsimham Chelluri, Dmitri Didorenko, Nour Kawa, Nithum Thain, Ray Lambe, Nicholas Hovencamp and Tom Ohle. We were supported by a whole cast of wonderful investors, a great Board of Directors, our friends and family and of course last, and certainly not least: the community and customers that we built from people around the world.

It’s not exactly been private news, but I wanted to wait on the the visible changes that I knew were…

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