To Beat ISIS, We Must Think Smaller

I believe him , anyhow that’s the key


Seeds of Hope dot org Image:Seeds of


“People become radicalized when they lack hope, jobs, and purpose. Local investments can break the cycle

Both private and public funding are required to truly address the root causes of violence.

Last month, the United Nations held a large conference in Geneva to discuss its plan to prevent violent extremism; that same day in Washington, D.C., two federal contractors with experience in peacebuilding held a conference on the same subject, at which DHS Secretary Johnson and Sen. Cory Booker delivered remarks. Our own non-profit presented at the latter event; we spoke about how to use data in programs to prevent radicalization among people who may join groups like ISIL. Yet there was an elephant in each of these elegant conference rooms.

For all the lip service given to breaking the cycle of radicalization where it starts—at the local level—the global leaders on the topic have…

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